Hello, we’re pleased to inform that we have already received all the prints of the registered participants.

In total there were 34 printmakers registered in this first edition, we have received works from Mexico, Ecuador, Australia, Brazil, Peru, United States, United Kingdom and Spain.

At the moment we find ourselves editing and printing a catalog of all the participating works and their authors, you will receive a copy of this catalog along with your prints.

In the second half of April will take place the first exhibition of the printexchange, will be in the Space Belleartes de Cáceres (Spain) ( The dates are yet to be confirmed, as we know exactly the dates we will let you know.

We’re also preparing exhibitions with the collaboration of the participants of the exchange in the coming months, these exhibitions will be in other Spanish cities, Brazil, Mexico and maybe in the United States, we will keep you informed.

The sending of the engravings will begin at the end of April / beginning of May, we will confirm one by one to all participants the sending to the addresses provided in the registration form.

we would like to thank each and every one of the participants for their participation in this first edition, which has exceeded the expectations placed at the outset when we published call a year ago.

We can tell you that the second edition of the exchange is safe and after the return of your prints we will publish the call in May.